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Preston will take a stand on the issues important to us:

Preston Stinson is a conservative who will fight for the U.S. Constitution, and help get Oklahoma back to work. He believes in less taxes and limited government that focuses on core services and never infringes upon our God-given liberties.

    • Improve the state’s business environment to unleash entrepreneurs

    • Reduce regulatory red-tape for businesses and workers

    • Strengthen our communities with roads and infrastructure

    • Provide access to reliable broadband in rural areas

    • Incentivize work and stop fraud, waste and abuse in the state’s unemployment claims

    • Protect civil liberties and rights like the First and Second Amendment, which are under assault from the left and the media

    • Restore the American Dream

    • Put parents back in charge of their children’s education

    • Reduce excess administrative costs in public schools

    • Hold non-performing school districts accountable

    • Fight the labor unions, which force union membership on teachers

    • Empower teachers to teach and make more decisions

    • Reduce mandates and burdensome over-testing of students

    • Consolidate boards and agencies

    • Streamline our state budget with a focus on core services

    • Promote local businesses and jobs first, then recruit new companies

    • Reduce our reliance on unfair trade with China

    • Keep our tax dollars here at home

    • Bring back manufacturing

    • Strongly support the eight-year transportation plan

    • Improve roads and bridges

    • Encourage long-term planning, which is critical for efficient use of our tax dollars

    • Protect the rights of the unborn, with exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother

    • Incentive doctors and nurses to stay and work in Oklahoma, with an emphasis on rural regions

    • Reward health care outcomes, to stop unnecessary and repeat visits

    • Implement work requirements for able-bodied Medicaid recipients

    • Establish minimum co-pays

    • Work with stakeholders in the medical marijuana industry and the OMMA to develop common sense rules

    • Crack down on illegal foreign owned grow operations

    • Ensure that this industry is a benefit to Oklahoma, instead of a out of control criminal enterprise

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